Tamweely Microfinance is a non-banking organization that is established to reinforce Egyptian economy and individuals’ livelihood through the provision of financial inclusion for micro and small enterprise sector. By the powers vested in Tamweely by the financial regulatory authority (FRA)*, Tamweely Microfinance takes serious actions in the alleviation of Egyptian poverty and the up growth of sustainable employment opportunities. These actions are strategically taken through comprehensive and in-depth solutions, introduced in the form of market-focused financial services, hybrid distribution channels, focused partnerships and more.

Combining the sense of social responsibility, the urge to take an effective role in economy, and the insistence on promoting the job creation mechanism in Egyptian sociality, Tamweely microfinance purpose is to boost individuals’ livelihood by financially fostering their own independent businesses. Through Tamweely microfinance services, the creation of an enabling environment in which youth can innovate, establish and develop their own opportunities is finally guaranteed.

Our Mission

To fulfill our call of duty towards enriching Egypt economically and socially by positively contributing to the establishment of micro and small enterprise sector, through providing them financial facilitations that are reliable, secure, transparent, simple and realistic.

Our Vision

To strengthen the foundations of a lasting flourishment in the Egyptian economy  , to stand up for a sustainably developed sociality that is rich in human resource, to lead poverty and unemployment alleviation movement in Egypt, and to respond earnestly to youth needs regarding cultivating an enabling environment for jobs creation and enterprises establishment.

“We aim for a future where youth enterprises are entirely empowered, and where unemployment and limited livelihood become in the days of old.”

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